We specialize in readable, usable transcripts in what we like to think of as “Verbatim Lite”–minus the “ers”, “ahs”, “you knows” and other verbal tics that add nothing to the substance of what’s been said. We also engage in a high level of Internet research when necessary in order to make transcripts as accurate as possible. Purple Shark’s network of intelligent, motivated transcribers is always available to work with our clients as partners to help achieve their goals.

Purple Shark Transcriptions provides completely confidential services to all its clients. We will also sign and comply with confidentiality agreements relating to specific projects, if required.

I noticed while editing that transcript that all the people whom [the interviewee] mentioned had their names spelled right & former places of work/titles identified correctly. Obviously that took some Googling/light detective work on your part, and it was a really nice touch. Thanks for going the extra mile

Leanna Orr, Institutional Investor