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The Purple Shark Charity of the Month is (drum roll, please) The Animal Rescue Site! You've probably seen it before, if you already click on the The Breast Cancer Site. (I click there, too, of course.)

But I encourage everyone to sign up for a daily email reminder to click on The Animal Rescue Site. First, the emails always contain a photo of a rescued pet and a short story about how they found their "forever home." Then, when you click to go to the site, there's another story like that. A lot of the time, they're also running a contest to award money to your favorite animal shelter. (I'm voting for Little Shelter in New York, in case you don't have a favorite of your own.) This requires a couple of extra clicks, but it doesn't cost you a thing.

Unless, of course, you want to donate or sign a petition, there's plenty of opportunities for that on the site, as well. But, most importantly, they have a lot (a lot!) of purple things for sale. No sharks, unfortunately, but, still: purple.

So, go, click! Sign! Donate! Buy purple things!


The Animal Rescue Site