Transcribing With Intelligence


In addition to our top-notch transcription services, Purple Shark is pleased to introduce our first-class editorial services. Offering everything from copy-editing and proofreading to online research and fact-checking to data entry and word processing, the Sharks are available to assist in making sure your books, dissertations, theses, articles and stories are the best they can be.

Free estimates are available upon receipt of your project. Or email us for a full rate sheet.

Book Authors:

Purple Shark is always excited to work on book projects (and we love to get copies, too, hint-hint). Since we're a real network of transcribers and it's nearly impossible for just one of us to work on a book in its entirety, we hope that, if you do acknowledge our help, to use "Purple Shark Transcriptions" and not just me, [Sharon Lee Harkey], personally. While I'm happy to take credit for the wonderful Sharks who work with me, it's just not fair to them to make it seem that I did all the work, when I most assuredly did not.